Embracing Winter

Learning to snowboard Learning to deal with winter has been a fun and worthy activity over the past few years (and the opportunities are slightly more available here). First up, learning to snowboard has both been fun and a nice break into outdoor activities that don’t (always) involve heading up hill by my own power. The first lessons went well and I feel like I’ve slowly come along and love working at it each time I get the chance to hit snow. Last winter’s snow wasn’t “the best” (or so I was told) and this year I got some first hand experience with some good powder days… which may have spoiled the icy-snow days.

This winter, I decided to finally take on proper snowshoeing. I’ve taken to the trails in winter to hike, but this year I got to enjoy a few good days out on snowshoes. I have explored Brainard Lake, the Colorado Trail, Golden Gate Canyon, and even a bit around Rocky Mountain National Park.

SnowshoesWinter is hereHere’s hoping I can sneak in a few winter days as spring continues to happen down at lower elevations!