Winter Gloves

I wrote this up a few years ago, but since we’re getting such abnormally warm January weather, I thought I would delve into a review of some of the gloves I’ve been using the last couple winters. In case, you know, we end up with temps below 40°F at some point this winter…

My stable of winter gloves has grown to three sets:

  • An older set of Pearl Izumi gloves. These are set of relatively lightweight 5 finger gloves that I like for temps going down to mid-30°F range. Not sure of the exact model or what would be comparable anymore. These also fit hand warmers really well.
  • GORE Radiator Bike Gloves
  • Giro 100 Proof Bike Gloves

For a few winters I would try to make the Pearl’s work. I would add hand warmers or even liner gloves. Liners usually ended up causing circulation problems (which doesn’t help when your hands are freezing). But I still found that almost nothing I could do really helped in the cold temps.

The GORE and Giro gloves were both purchased at the same time with the goal of getting gloves that could handle temps below freezing.

Warmth: the Giro gloves win hands down on the warmth front. I still use the the GORE gloves all the time but I’ve found there comfort zone is still pretty close to freezing. On road rides or rides below say 30°F my hands would still get cold. The Giro gloves are actually a set of lobster mittens with liners. They are my go-to set if it’s going to be super cold out.


  • I enjoy that the Giro gloves have liners. I can usually pull off the mitten without freezing my hands or if it warms up enough I have decent riding glove.
  • The GORE gloves are still warm and fit a hand warmer pretty well. I also love all the reflective touches (many of my winter rides are at night).

Initially I was going to return one set of the gloves, but in the end, I kept them both. Since temps have yet to drop below freezing I’ve usually used the GORE gloves this year. The Giro’s are still waiting for the real winter to start. As an addendum, I should add that many people I know swear by Bar Mitts. I’m debating getting a set for my cross or road bike since the bigger gloves can be challenging with road shifting (doable, just tricky).

The big take away: get out there and ride. There’s a way to ride in pretty much anything and there’s no reason to be stuck not riding or on a trainer all winter!