Planning for two big events

As I posted in The Season Ahead, I have my eye on a couple very exciting and desperately different events “early” in the year this season. Or perhaps that should be “early in the season”.

First up, I have my first trail run event since the Berryman Duathlon days and the longest trail run I’ve ever attempted. 13 weeks from this now! A few years ago I actually flew to participate in a North Face trail half-marathon in the DC area but that ended up getting canceled due to torrential rains and near hurricane conditions. But now I’m taking on the Chubb trail 25k (15.5 miles) which I’m very excited. And very nervous about. For training I’ve picked out a half marathon plan and modified it only slightly, primarily modifying the rest days by keeping in some riding or other activities. Even with all the prep for this race already laid out… I can’t help but wonder if I should do something differently! Mileage has been creeping up and so far I have been able to adapt to the new stress of running fairly well. I really need to get more trail running time but I’m still a few weeks out on switching to having a weekend run on the schedule.

Only six weeks after the trail run I’m going to Kansas for the Dirty Kanza, a 200 mile gravel race in the Flint Hills. This is a race that’s been on my radar for a couple years and I almost pulled the trigger on it last year. I have positive feelings for this race, but with a majority of my training in the next 3 months centering on running this is going to be interesting! And it also means a lot of bike and gear prep but not as much bike time. Luckily there are some good events this year that will likely help prep for this event including a 100 mile monstercross race.

So I have a long road ahead taking on my first run above a half-marathon and my first bike ride above 104 miles… all within a few months! Here’s to 2012!