BADCamp 2012: Javascript, Testing, and Drupal

Thank you for everyone who was able to head out and see my BADCamp presentation: JavaScript, Testing, and Drupal. If you saw the presentation or even if missed out, you can grab a PDF version of the slides. Also if you have questions, please leave a comment or contact me on Twitter.

The presentation was a beginner/intermediate level intro to a few concepts of using JS with Drupal:

  • What comes with Drupal 7?
  • How to add JS to a Drupal site
  • A quick look at testing in JS and how to do that with Drupal
  • And a very quick look at Drupal 8 and changes coming down the pipe there.

It was fantastic to be able to present on this topic and I also wanted to provide a couple notes from the Q&A as well:

  • You can use theme preprocess functions to add JS to a particular page
  • Also there is a module that can aid in adding JS to a specific page.

Afterwards, I also had a chance to meet with Théodore Biadala on some Drupal 8 JavaScript initiative work. He gave me a good overview on the state of things and a good basis for how to help, which is very exciting!