Death by Hills 2011

The Team Seagal crew was at it again with a new edition of their DBH road ride. In 2010 I realized that this ride is best completed with any kind of wussy gearing you can get your hands on: compact, triple, mountain bike casette. Did I listen? Nope. Showed up with the same standard gearing (52×39 rings and 12-27 cassette) and suffered it out. I mean, I’m in better shape, so it shouldn’t be that bad. Right?

So I got there late. I thought the ride started later and so I was behind the group by about 20-30 minutes. So I bypassed the first climb (see all the other suckers in a video here) and the second loop of the route. This gave me enough time to catch onto the fast-guys group. I have 0.1% chance of hanging with riders like this, but there were a few that were just out having a good ride and hanging out. So I was up at the front, riding with a good crew and we snapped off the Eureka loop and as we rolled from the gas station a good 55+ riders showed up. The group had grown! So I decided while pacing myself up the Allenton climb, to go hit the Scenic Loop and wait for the rest of the group.

After they had suffered the Wall, I joined on for almost the rest of the ride. As we approached the second gas station stop, I was feeling the effort of the day. I put a foot down on the evil Cremin’s Green earlier, but was suffering in the ride through Babler. Doberman hill seemed twice as long as usual. Back at the rest stop, I stocked on some calories and kept on but that only lasted for about another hour. When we reached the road back, I opted to skip another loop and just finish the ride with 80 miles. This was my first ride over 4 hours this year and I was feeling it.

Not only did guys crush the entire ride, there were three that did it all with a single gear! Total damage: 80.25 miles and over 7,000 feet of elevation gain.

Now only if we could get some dry trails, then I could get ready for the 1st mountain bike race of the year in 11 days!