Cyclocross 2011

Not that the season has run its course, but I thought I’d wax poetic about some of the happenings. Looks like we left off with Bubba #2.

Over Halloween weekend, I hit up both Faust Park races which also included my 1st night cross for the year. What I remember most about the night race was how during the course of the women’s race it ended up getting signifcantly colder. I went to get warmed up and just couldn’t get my core temp up. I added up some layers and hit the course.

Cyclecross at FaustThe Faust courses are pretty fast and there was very little technical about them. During the night race I managed to finish in the top half of the race, but didn’t really feel it. The only place I managed to put the hurt on people (or perhaps only a single person… wasn’t counting) was the long hill from the backside of the course and that was primarily because some people don’t believe in carry momentum, I think (something that would probably not be the case in the B race…).

The next day was cool and cloudy and added a woodland section on the top side of the course. I had fun trying to fight through my first two-race weekend. The second day, probably because of the daylight, was a good bit faster and I finished in 14th. It was about this point in the season I realized that my shot at top 10 and moving up this year wasn’t going to happen.

With one of my favorite courses coming up, it was difficult to just sit back though. The Concordia race is pretty mountain biker friendly and I laughed as was yelling at guys to “just pedal” down the back hill. The course had a fun mix of downs, ups, turn, slight mud, and fields. In the end, it wasn’t my day at all. I just exploded on the course and fell back a ways finishing 16th in the largest field yet.

Finally, Bubba at Jefferson Barracks was unique. I wasn’t quite feeling up to racing, but the weather was setup to make this into a mud race. And I wasn’t going to miss a chance at a proper CX race. The course, it turns out, was just fairly wet for most of the pre-ride laps, the women’s race, and most of the C. By the end of the C race there were a few places that turned into muddy tracks that were typically better to run. The bigger bummer on this course (besides poor form) was that there no barriers. The course was just open for people to use their high-watt engines to pull away.

Of course… the heckling was good times!

Climbing (Bubba CX)