Feels great being back on singletrack! This last weekend, I got in another singletrack weekend but this time taking in Matson Hill and Lost Valley trails. The legs are adjusting to back to back onslaughts of trail but I’ve really noticed that things are starting to work.


Last night I was excited for first group ride in awhile. As soon as it started, though, I knew things weren’t going my way. Firstly, my legs were not terribly warmed up and I watched as the group pulled away. Then after a creek crossing I lost some serious pressure in the back tire. I had my pack, so I went to get out my CO2 and found it MIA. I resorted to my backup pump which took long enough for everyone to come back and find me. I got what I felt was enough air in the tire to move on.

Climbing up a gravel road, I somehow managed to not see a branch in road and suck the entire thing into my rear wheel. I pulled that out and proceeded to chase down the group again. As we hit singletrack again I could hear the tire fighting to grip in the back. Each turn I wondered if the tire would roll. Eventually I added enough air, thanks to a friend’s CO2. Things started to turn around.

On the return trip, I was feeling so much better. My legs had come around and I was holding the wheel of one of the guys. As we topped a climb, I wanted to gear up a bit and chase the lead crew. It was a blast to lean the bike through the turns and hammer out of the corners to catch up with them at night. Been awhile since I’ve tried to go fast under the power of a light. Even threw in a quick interval at the end of the ride.

It’s early in the season and I hope rides like this continue. Maybe without all the tire-tree-CO2 issues! Get out and ride!