Broemmelsieck-Matson Hill Bifecta

Slimy road!This Sunday I decided I wanted to ride Matson, but wasn’t feeling the vibe to ride between Matson and LV (and honestly to climb Matson Hill Rd on my singlespeed). So I opted for the Broemmelsieck-Matson double (GPS link) which I’ve read about some people doing.

It’s a pretty simple route as most of it takes you down a single road. I started with a lap at Broemmelsieck and then geared up for a long ride.

Please note, that none of the roads have shoulders. Many are very low traffic, but you must be comfortable with riding on roads like this.

  • From Broemmelsieck, take a left on Schwede Rd and then a left on Wilson Rd.
  • Eventually you’ll reach a 4 way stop that has no signs, head straight.
  • You can either take Wilson to Highway D or as you’re getting close to D, there is a gated road to the right. This is Lakeway Rd. As far I could tell, it was just gated and not private. So I took that to Lake Hollow. This cuts a little piece off of Highway D.
  • Hang a right on Highway D.
  • You’ll next hang a right on Callaway Fork Rd. It starts out paved, but becomes gravel. This is a long false flat road that takes you over a number of low-water bridges (most of which were bone dry when I road it).
  • Callaway ends at Highway F. Hang a right.
  • Then hang a right on Defiance Rd (following the signs for the winery)
  • After the winery, hang a right on Howell and then a right on Matson Hill. Follow that to the park.
Do a lap at Matson and then reverse it all. With the laps I did (not every part of Matson), it worked out exactly to 32 miles.