Finishing up the MTB Season

Fall has come around in full force and mountain bike racing season has given way to it’s cousin cyclocross. This year I stepped into the fire, so to speak, jumping from Beginner/Category 3 to Sport/Category 2 and I took a few new challenges. The results for the year:

Leadbelt XC (3/14); Cat 2/Sport 30-39; 8th of 8
Bone Bender (4/18); 6 hour solo, 19-34; 63rd of 83
Le Tour de Tick (4/25); Cat 2/Sport 30-39; 2nd of 5
Syllamo’s Revenge (50-mile) (5/1); Men 30-39; DNF
Greensfelder Challenge (5/8); Cat 2/Sport 30-39; 11th of 17
Middlefork XC Non-Race (5/23); Men Open; 10th of 19 (16th overall)
Lost Valley Luau (6/20); Cat 2, 30-39; 9th of 10
Broemmelsiek Challenge (6/27); Cat 2, 30-39; 11th of 13
Alpine Shop Short Track #1 (7/1); B Race; 33rd of 65
Alpine Shop Short Track #2 (7/1); B Race; 15th of 60
OMBA Carumba (7/11); Marathon; 9th of 12
Alpine Shop Short Track #3 (7/15); B Race; 41st of 60
Alpine Shop Short Track #4 (7/22); B Race; 32nd of 60
Alpine Shop Short Track #5 (7/29); B Race; 38th of 70+
Rapture in Misery (8/14); 6 hour solo, 30-39; 16th of 30
Cape Gireadeau (8/22); Cat 2, 30-39; 10th out of 11
Tall Oaks 6 Hour (9/4); Duo (Mixed); 12th out of 14
Burnin at the Bluff (10/9); 12 hour solo; 10th out of 20 (unofficial)
Berryman Trail Epic (10/23); 30-39; 116th out 206 (overall)/39th out of 58 in AG

The year started with a muddy romp at the Leadbelt and led way into a great new 6 hour for me at the Bone Bender. Syllamo’s Revenge was angry with me and I cut out at the last checkpoint. The Middlefork non-race, put on the killer Team Seagal crew, was the first race in heat of summer. The Short Track series is like Christmas for racers giving a fun, accessible race format. Then I took on Rapture for a second year, raced at Jeff City for the first time, my first 12 hour solo at Burnin and 55 miles of BT epic goodness.

And now it’s time to have fun with ‘cross for a couple months and hopefully get in some long MTB adventures this winter!